Private Garden Tours for Groups
We welcome garden clubs and other groups wishing to take a tour of our display gardens. Schedule your next group meeting with us, have lunch, or just take a tour! Fill out our form on our Consultations page or call (440) 729-1374 to get more information. See below to take our Virtual Garden Tour to give you an idea of what our display gardens have to offer. See pictures of past garden tours here: Tour Photos

Private Garden Tours for Individuals:
If you would like to visit our gardens, but aren’t affiliated with a group, we are now offering tours for individuals. Please contact us to set a time and date you would like to come. Our rates are below:


Self-Guided $5.00 / Person
Guided $10.00 / Person

Virtual Garden Tour
Click below to take a “Virtual Garden Tour” to get a feeling of what our display gardens offer. This tour is not done in Flash (so no annoying download time) and is not a video; it will automatically start once you click on the link. If you have any problems with the tour please contact us so we can have our technical department fix the problem. Take the Virtual Garden Tour!

If you are looking for an outdoor location for an event please feel free to contact us. Although we haven’t hosted many events, many of our customers have suggested it, and if we are able to accommodate your needs, we would be more than happy to host your next event.

Wedding Photography
We are also interested in welcoming photo opportunities for weddings! If you are having a nearby wedding and would like to come to our gardens to take some pictures, please have your photographer contact us well in advance to make arrangements. Visit our Facebook page or browse our photo gallery to get an idea of some of the photo opportunities offered. We have several flower gardens, waterfalls, pools, gracious stone staircase, ponds, shade gardens and many other beautiful backdrops for your pictures! You can also find more information on our Photo Shoots page.

Hands on Workshops: We are now hosting hands on workshops! Visit our News Site for upcoming events or contact us about having a private group workshop!