1. I stopped by your nursery once and it looked closed or like I wasn’t supposed to be there, are you open to the public?

    Yes, we are open to the public. Our stock area sits at the back of the property, not the front like most businesses. When you come to the nursery just follow the PAVED driveway ALL the way to the back where you may see some of the larger trucks parked, this is our Customer Parking area. From there you should be able to find our sales area and garden shop. However, we always recommend that you call ahead before visiting or making a special trip to the nursery as there are times during our busy season where the nursery may not be properly staffed to assist you.

  2. Do you sell to the public, or only to other businesses?

    We are a Wholesale and Retail business. We sell our stock to other businesses and contractors as well as to the general public. We are a Full-Service landscape design company so customers can get the design, materials, and have it installed all by us, saving you time and money.

  3. My plant(s) look unhealthy, can you diagnose what’s wrong and fix it?

    You may bring in a cutting of the plant that is failing or looks ill and we will try to diagnose it the best we can. However if you are able to contact your local O.S.U. Extension service, we highly recommend them as well. Here is the link to the Geauga County O.S.U. Extension Service located at the Burton Fairgrounds, however this site will link you to any extension service in Ohio: Ohio State University Extension Service |

  4. Do you remove stumps?

    There is not really a straight answer for this, as we can remove stumps, some large stumps from trees with tap-roots are difficult to remove and we do not have the proper equipment for this. Basically, we are not a stump removal service. We recommend that you contact a dedicated stump-removal service in your area, but please contact us if you have any questions.

  5. I have a deer problem, what do I do?

    First, before trying to deer-proof your yard or use sprays and repellents, we recommend designing a landscape that the deer will not eat. Even though some plants are a low-browse risk for deer, during hard winters, or extremely over-populated areas (with both humans and deer) deer may try to eat anything. However there are some plants that are toxic if ingested, that the deer will not eat, they may try it but will likely not try it again. Although it would be best for you to contact us about your individual situation, if you have an existing garden you would like to keep deer-damage-free we carry both a systemic deterrent and spray on deer repellent. Neither have offensive odors or negative effects on the plants. Please see Our Products page or call us for more information.

  6. Is your plant material or nursery stock hardy to our climate?

    We grow our stock at our nursery right in Chesterland, so you can be assured that it is hardy. We do not carry plants that we have had problems with in the past, and generally do not grow anything that cannot tolerate the conditions in Northeast Ohio, but different plants are needed for different conditions such as high-wind areas, dry soil, or moist areas. If we do carry any plants that may need a little extra care, it is because we feel the quality of plant is worth the extra attention if the customer is willing to take care of it. We also do not stock plants that are likely to fail from pests or diseases and highly recommend using native plant varieties, or ornamental derived from native species.

  7. Why don’t you carry Weeping Cherry Trees?

    Unfortunately Weeping Cherry Trees are highly susceptible to pests and diseases and require a lot of attention to keep them healthy. This causes them to be extremely costly and there is no guarantee that the plant will thrive. We offer many alternative such as Weeping Pygmy Caragana, Weeping Redbud, Weeping Crabapple and other flowering ornamental trees and shrubs. If you are looking for a Weeping Cherry make sure you get one that is more pest and disease resistant and take careful precautions the first year or so to take care of it, if it becomes stressed or weakened it will have a higher chance of becoming infected or infested. The main reason so many local nurseries still carry them is strictly because of the demand as most people are unaware of the issues with them.

  8. Many Landscape Design Companies claim they are “Award Winning” why doesn’t your company?

    Many companies that advertise they have award winning landscapes is true because they have entered in design contests; we did enter design contests and win awards years ago, but entering these design contests often have large fees and in some cases the company has to eat material costs when building displays at places like the Home and Garden Show (which the customers end up paying for in the long run as they have to raise their prices to cover these costs). You should be the one to decide if they are Award Winning or not! Not everyone likes the same style landscape and just because they state they are “Award Winning” doesn’t mean they will create your perfect landscape, or do it correctly – design contests are just that; for design; they usually don’t cover the how and if it was installed or constructed properly and when constructed at shows these designs aren’t built to last, but for easy take down and removal. Our happy customers and pictures of our completed designs are our “Awards” and it is just another way we save the customer money by not paying to enter design contests.

  9. Your prices are very reasonable compared to some other local nurseries, why?

    At our nursery we grow most of our stock from small cuttings, seedlings, or liners and let them mature over a number of years before we sell them. We are also a full-service landscape design company and nursery and we are able to save a substantial amount by growing almost everything we install ourselves. We also do not invest a lot in advertising, most of which is done by word of mouth and this website. We have also taken steps to lower our heating costs by using wood-burners and are always looking for alternative, less costly and more eco-friendly ways to operate our business saving our customers time and money.