Wedding Photography:
If you are having a nearby wedding and would like to come to our gardens to take some pictures, please have your photographer contact us well in advance to make arrangements. Visit our Facebook page or browse our photo gallery to get an idea of some of the photo opportunities offered. We have several flower gardens, waterfalls, pools, gracious stone staircase, ponds, shade gardens and many other beautiful backdrops for your pictures! Please note the current Wedding Photography below was taken by our staff, not the wedding photographers. We take pictures during the shoot if possible to post on our website for reference.

Family Photos:
We have many beautiful backdrops for both senior pictures, family group pictures and children’s photographs. Please contact us if you would like to use our private gardens to take your latest family pictures!

Garden & Wildlife Photography:
If you are photographer looking to take pictures of wildlife on our property, you can simply stop by and pay the garden tour fee. If you have a photography group or class that would like to come out for a “field trip” please call us at (440) 729-1374 to schedule a time to come out.