Forest Clearing

Tree-Topping/Thinning: Although this practice has its good uses, it sometimes gets a bad rap from Horticulturalists and Environmentalists – but don’t let this stop you if you feel it may be beneficial. Tree topping can be used to create more light in densely wooded areas, or cut down the size of a large tree growing near your home that may take out the whole house if it fell during a storm. Although tree-topping is generally not the best thing to do for a tree, if done properly by skilled arborists it can save you from having to totally cut down a tree and end its life. Bad examples of tree topping are usually seen along roadsides where they have been topped to prevent them from harming the wires, although some road-crews are becoming more aware of how to properly trim the trees, most of the time they are just leveled off, and this will actually cause a large number small dense branches to grow out of the area where the tree was topped, creating more limbs to be cut down in the years to come. – This is not good for the tree and generally very unsightly, one of the main reasons why tree-topping gets a bad rap.

Forest Clearing: We have the ability to top, remove, and cut down large trees as well as remove any fallen trees, limbs, and foliage. Forest clearing can be done to open up your property, make room for new constructions, or new landscape designs. You decide what you done with the remaining materials such as trunks, branches, and foliage – We can recommend milling companies to turn your wood into valuable lumber, we can cut it into firewood, or we can relocate all the foliage to a compost heap on your property, or just simply haul away all the materials back to our nursery for proper use or disposal – you decide.

Benefits: Open up your wooded property for more lawn space, gardens, patios, walkways, more sunlight, or a new construction. Don’t want to lose all of your trees, but feel there are too many trees? Many wooded areas that have grown in over cleared land can be very woody with a small number of large, mature trees, but overpopulated with small un-healthy trees. By clearing out a percentage of the trees, you can create a better growing environment for the remaining trees in which they will grow larger, stronger, and healthier. This also creates better air circulation. By removing piles of scrub, dead branches and limbs, there will be less places for pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches, and termites to thrive. If you have a pest problem removing any unnecessary piles of debris from the property is a big step in solving an ongoing pest problem.

Stump Removal: Although we will clear out large trees, we do not have the ability to remove large stumps, and will generally recommend a tree stump removal service. Although not all forest clearings require stump removal if you are getting the property ready for a new construction or new landscape design it may be necessary. Please contact us for more information on finding a stump removal service at (440) 729-1374.

Transplanting Large Trees: We do have the ability to dig and relocate large trees, however this service will require advanced notice. If you have trees you would like to keep but would like to have transplanted somewhere else on your property please feel free to contact us. We will schedule the dig at the appropriate time for transplanting to limit the stress on the plant. There are some species of trees that are not recommended for transplanting and have a high risk of becoming diseased or dying if transplanted, we will always suggest what is best for the tree, your time, and your money. If you insist on having a tree relocated that we do not recommend relocating, we cannot be held responsible if the tree becomes infested with pests or disease, or perishes.

Sawmill Recommendations: If you have large trees that have fallen, or that you want taken down, we can also recommend sawmill services to have the wood turned into lumber. Many trees offer natural variations in the grain of the wood and it can be used decoratively as well as practically. Below is a picture of our crew helping get some of our lumber milled for use at our nursery in Chesterland. Many of the buildings on our property were built using wood that we cut from the property.