Spring Clean-up: We can help you to maintain your landscape throughout the year. Call us early in the spring for a spring clean-up. We will remove any dead or fallen trees and branches, and remove any unwanted plant materials. This includes trimming pruning, fertilization, edging and mulching. Spring is also the time for re-designing your gardens or beds to better meet your needs. It is best to get any new design work early so you can pick out your plants as soon as possible!

Summer Maintenance: In the summer we will maintain your beds by applying fertilizers, trimming, weeding and planting any new material you wish to have added to your garden.

Fall Clean-up: We also have a fall clean-up which includes removal of fallen foliage, trimming, winter plant preparation, winter water-feature preparation and removal of any unwanted, dead or diseased plants.

Ecological Maintenance:  Not only do we restore and maintain general landscapes, but we also restore and maintain natural habitat gardens. We design and maintain butterfly, bird, wetland, and deer-resistant gardens. By carefully planning a landscape and maintaining it with ecologically friendly products to deter deer from grazing on landscape plants, or creating plantings that attract birds and butterflies we can help you to have a diverse, ecologically sound landscape.

Restorations: In addition to seasonal landscape maintenance we also restore and revitalize older existing landscapes. If you have a century or older home with an overgrown, old-fashioned landscape design, we can either restore the existing landscape by pruning or removing overgrown shrubs and replacing them with similar plants, or we can totally redesign it to fit your needs. To the right is a picture of a patio area using reclaimed road brick and large pieces of limestone. As long as your materials are still in good shape and can be re-used, we can create something beautiful with them!