Crassula ovata ‘Jade’, also known as lucky plants or money plants, are a favorite due to their adaptability and their green gem like leaves. If you have pets in the household, be careful to keep it out of reach, the whole plant is toxic to pets including leaves and stem.

Some of our Jades are 35+ years old and range from 2ft tall x 2.5ft wide to 3ft tall x 3.5ft wide. These gorgeous massive fully established jades come in both standard and decorative pots.

We are letting them go below wholesale at $250-350 depending on size. SUPPLY IS LIMITED.

Agave Americana, also known as Century Plants, form handsome rosettes made up of thick, spiny edged, gray-green leaves. Virtually disease free and drought tolerant. Deer Resistant.

Agave ranging from $45-65 depending on size.

Our succulent and sempervivum are thriving and ready for their new homes. They are easy to care for, provide pops of color and structural interest to your indoor and outdoor gardens alike.

Succulents are $10+ ranging in all sizes, from small to fully developed specimens.

We also have award winning cactus and gorgeous tropical available!

Walk-ins welcome!

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